Discovering what you are looking for and helping you find it.

Steps to home ownership:

Preparing Financially

Creating Targeted Search

Writing a Winning Offer

Buying Power

The first step is to find out the value of your buying power. If you are buying in cash, your buying process can be much quicker. If you are planning on getting a mortgage to help you with your purchase, we have trusted professionals with whom we can connect you to provide the best products, interest rates, and services. They will work with you to understand both downpayment options as well as your estimated monthly payment based on your purchase.

What do you want and need in a home?

We seek to understand what all you want in a home and help you discover what is most important in your selections. Location, location, location is what you always hear is most important. We know location, condition, and price are three most considered options when house hunting. Location means many things to different people. Location can be: how close the house is to work, to school, to family, to bike trails, to parks, to shopping, and more. Condition often includes your tastes as well as how much work you are willing or able to put into fixing up a home. Lastly, price is totally based on what you want to spend.


"Not only did the Peak Real Estate Advisors sell our house on the first day it went on the market, but we also received multiple offers and an above-asking price. Their insight on pricing, staging and prepping the home was invaluable."

- Sharon Walsh, Westfield, IN



Statistics show about 90% of homebuyers begin searching for their new home several months before they are ready to buy. Serving your real estate needs with personalized service means working alongside you in the buying process, even before you are ready to buy. The buying process is ever changing. Each time you buy a house, the process will change. We spend time with you up front to go through the whole process. This means, when you find “YOUR HOME”, we are all prepared and know what to expect along the way. Knowledge is power and helps you to make wise decisions.

BUYING COMPETITION: Have you heard about people losing several times in multiple offer situations? We have multiple proven methods to help ensure your home purchase quickly and have an advantage of other buyers.

COMMUNICATION: This is the number one factor to make or break a transaction. Our professional team is trained to communicate quickly and often. We expect that you will always know where you are in the transaction. You will not need to call us to find out---our team with keep in contact throughout the process with updates.